Brazil is a wonderful country in South America and is the largest in the continent as well as the 5th largest in the entire world. The official name of the country is the Federative Republic of Brazil. The country is one of the most developed countries in Latin America. Brazil attracts a large number of people throughout the year. To visit here, hurry and log in to Spirit Airlines official site now!

Brazil is known to have numerous renowned churches of the world, which are ideal to visit during your vacation in the country:

Our Lady of Candelaria

This church is definitely a major example of Rio de Janeiro’s structural and architectural legacy. The museum is registered and recognized by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN). The church was built back in the fifteenth century. The design of the church has been inspired by the era of the Renaissance and Baroque. The exterior design depicts a Neoclassical taste and attracts a large number of people. Click some amazing photographs here in and around the premises.

Nossa Senhora da Candelaria

The iconic Brazilian church has been built under the guidance of renowned Portuguese stone carvers including João Zeferino da Costa. The church opened its gates back in 1879. Witness the vault, wall paintings, pendants, etc. The entrance of the church is made of bronze. The church depicts an authentic South American feel and attracts a large number of visitors from Brazil as well as from other American countries.

Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

The church is among the largest prayer houses in Brazil. It was redesigned during the late 1960s. it was built and designed by the renowned architect of that era, Edgar Fonseca. Explore the nearby wonderful sanctuary and witness the Mayan pyramids. The church can house approximately 20,000 individuals at a time. Visit here with your family and friends to spend some memorable moments.

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